Sunday, 27 March 2011

Space shuttle of the USA

What do you guys think of the space shuttle program?!

I think personally its freaking awesome, how humans could build such wondrous and complicated machines to take us out of our "comfort zone".  Yes everyone knows that the failure / mission ratio is really really bad. like 2/132, which is pretty terrible indeed. But think about in the old times where ships were lost at seas when no one even knows about. To make some magnificent discoveries we as humans need to continue to push boundaries.

Nothing will come from the reserved capitalist self gain ways that most uphold themselves. ;)



  1. Have an obsession with the space programme and space general - My wallpapers folder is filled with them. What can I say I love to stargaze!

    Following :D

  2. thats awesome, and i agree. Getting out of the comfort zone is an awesome idea. Followed

  3. Space exploring is our most advanced step to comprehending the Universe.

    The more NASA is supported and the more they promote activities, the closer we are to getting out of the galaxy and maybe finding a new civilization.

  4. Love the topic of space, you should watch "Stephen Hawking: Into the Universe". Should include some pics next time!

  5. I love space. Nice post dude! keep them coming! :D

  6. I completely agree with your post.

  7. i love the idea of space exploration. just gutted it's never going to be amazing in my lifetime :(

  8. I love the whole idea of space travel! great post!