Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rain rain and MORE rain!

hey guys, Its raining so much where i live. Going to school is like crazy, but i guess it's okay since i take a bus that is right in front of my house to anther bus terminal, then transfer. 

Oh rain how beautiful, i always wondered about it, im personally not very philosophical, but i wish i was in situations like this. 

And yeah, want to go snowboarding so bad, but this rain has brought in heavy snow fall + heavy rain fall. 
Stupid spring showers, cant go snowboarding, cant go biking. Well, i can go biking, but i'd rather not, i hate getting 100% covered in mud...

Any who, just gonna go chill with my fpga, and hope to make something cool for my final project...
Rain rain rain, ill just listen to the sound of rain as i type away in VHDL... Woot.. depressed, ill post what i make soon, maybe it'll be cool, or maybe it'll flop..

Monday, 28 March 2011

Lock picking - NEW TO ME

Hey guys! I just got my beginner's lock pick set today! from deal extreme!(5 bucks go check it!)

You know you always read articles about lock picking, but never really try? Its awesome!
They say that there is this feeling that you get, like hands on feeling, when the lock opens, or when you are doing it right. It is so true, i got the hang of it in like 10 min.

I was picking my door, 5 pin tumbler lock. The first time, i have no idea what i was doing, just "going at it", then it unexpectedly opens!!!!!!
So then i tried again, this time, raking it a few times first, placing just enough force on the tension wrench . You'll know it too, from the clicks and slides of the pins going up and down vibrating the metal tension wrench in your hand. You can totally feel it!

Here's some picture if you don't know how a tumbler lock works!

Take a read if you guys wanna know it in detail, knowing the lingo, and all the tips.

Any questions!? oh did i mention its FUN!?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Space shuttle of the USA

What do you guys think of the space shuttle program?!

I think personally its freaking awesome, how humans could build such wondrous and complicated machines to take us out of our "comfort zone".  Yes everyone knows that the failure / mission ratio is really really bad. like 2/132, which is pretty terrible indeed. But think about in the old times where ships were lost at seas when no one even knows about. To make some magnificent discoveries we as humans need to continue to push boundaries.

Nothing will come from the reserved capitalist self gain ways that most uphold themselves. ;)


Saturday, 26 March 2011

First POST

Hey everyone this is my first ever blog site!

I hope i can join ya all great people on the net and share some thoughts!

Ill be posting my random things i think about in a almost daily basis... hope i get lots of people talking!

Today's food for thought,

hate meetings where people blab on and on... on things that do not relate to the topic on hand. I would love to get out of there and finish what i had to do, but noooooo, it had to be so long. But all in all, i thanked that person for his wonderful presentation and moved on... Hope he learns sometimes, that bullshit stays home.