Monday, 18 April 2011

Study for finals, double header in 3 days till 10pm.

Damn, exams in 3 days.
Glorious summer yet to come, instead more classes! yay!

and btw, girl friends are expensive...

cheers... :'(

Saturday, 16 April 2011

TI LaunchPad - MSP 430 value line

Hey guys, i want to share something with you all today!


Texas instruments has a micro controller start kit, witch is excellent for beginners or advance users who want a cheap dev kit. This kit, at 4.30$ comes with the small board, and pin outs for easy attachment.

I've been using it to learn more about embedded coding. I've been lazy and haven't been very productive with it, but im sure a lot of people would jump at the opportunity to use something like this.

I know it be perfect for school final projects in engineering or similar fields.

If anyone got any cool projects they like to share~ hit me up!

Saturday, 9 April 2011


LBC seem like an awesome idea.

I've recently got a volleyball from my gf! This is awesome! I've been playing lots recently and wanted something i could practice with.
I did some research into them and man... all the different brands have different technologies in their balls. I couldn't decide which one i wanted! There were like pro and cons like, easier to pass, hits harder, softer touch, weird texture, and price.

There was two brands, molten and tachikara!
I've grew up in high school playing tachikara's so thats what i went with. the standard, slightly cheaper full grain leather sv-5wm ball, instead of the gold ones.

I feel like i made a good decision... hmm since i heard molten pro touch balls are a bitch to dig. Especially from big hitters that seem to always penetrate our defenses...

Monday, 4 April 2011

monday night combat!

I've been addicted to this new game, i am terrible at it! but i still like it.

Monday night combat

To access steam store here
Its punchable on steam for like 15$

I'm  liking the assault class! love them grenades! boom!!!

bad time... amidst finals and projects. i fail at life.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Hey everyone, i've been busy with school these few days, with final projects and studies... Ive just came across the 2011 kona Hh bike thats like 6599$ what?!!
Though its my dream bike to own, to take to whistler every weekend... Ill umm stick to my 2007 norco big foot for now.. since my wallet is a little shallow.

Anyone into biking?

But yeah, stupid projects, i feel like im going in circles, not accomplishing anything right now, and wasted 2 stressful days.

few more pics for you guys to enjoy!